Solution4Patio Baltimore Oriole Feeder, Orange Halves Fruit & Grape Jelly, and Mealworm for Bluebirds, Weather Guard Squirrel Baffle #G-B312A00-US

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  • 🐀 ORIOLE'S FAVOURITE - Elaborately-made and beautifully orange color designed could hold Oriole two kinds of favorite food - oranges and grape jelly, tremendously attract a large mount of Orioles to your yard. Even the cups can hold mealworms in for blue birds, and that means you could enjoy the sight of Oriole and bluebird at the same time.
  • 🐀 WEATHER & SQUIRREL PROOF - Plastic guard to protect the food on the feeder from the sun and rain, and the biggest advantage is that squirrels or ant can no longer get close to them. At the same time, the plastic transparent reason, the greatest effort to watch the birds happy to eat.
  • 🐀 EASY TO FILL AND CLEAN - 2-4 spoons of grape jam put into the thick plastic cups and then put orange halves on the stakes. Besides, the cover on the base can be easily removed, and can be directly placed in the sink for cleaning, or even placed on the tap for washing.
  • 🐀 HIGH QUALITY - Made of thick transparent plastic, extremely durable, even if it falls on the concrete floor, it won't break. And the hanger is made of stainless steel and will not rust.
  • 🐀 GOOD SERVICE - We offer a 3-YEARS WARRANTY and providing exceptional quality products and top notch customer service! Excellent purchase!

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Reviewed on July 27, 2023
This is well made! I love the cute acrylic cups that wash so nicely by hand. I love in AZ and it rarely ever rains, so I left the umbrella dome off. It covers well, but leaves a small opening for the larger Orioles to get to the food. Without the dome the birds are all over the feeder! I hung out up and within 10 minutes the birds arrived! Keep lots of store brand grape jelly on hand because they love how easy it is to eat with the open cups. Easy to clean and no mess.
Reviewed on July 19, 2023
It was a fine set up, l would have loved using it. First night some other animal tried to dine but was to heavy and knocked everything over and on the ground. To much hassle for me. If you have a way to keep animals away would be great.
Reviewed on July 07, 2023
I bought this oriole feeder because I was hoping the cover would keep the jelly from being diluted when it rains. That’s now been tested several times, and it has worked well. It has survived a couple raccoon raids as well. Very happy with it.
Reviewed on July 25, 2023
Works well and keeps the jelly dry from the rain.
Reviewed on July 02, 2023
Not only do orioles love this, but woodpeckers, finches, and other birds have been seen at it. The oranges and grape jelly are spaced out so that they are easy to get to. And the cover keeps the rain out
Reviewed on June 27, 2023
I am able to sit and watch the Baltimore orioles, and all the other wild animals in my yard eating from this I just love it
Reviewed on May 17, 2023
The feeder is well thought out with the exception of the jelly/jam cups, which are entirely too large! The manufacturer should find a much smaller cup and make it available to all those who purchased this feeder!
Reviewed on July 03, 2022
Update: We have had orioles at the feeder since we added the small jelly cups. There is no way the bird could eat the jelly from the large jar that comes with the feeder. Plus you would have to fill it to the top with jelly which is a waste of jelly. I have added the cup that we used - I cked - can get on Amazon - but I would hope the manufacturer would offer the 2 oz cups - if they read this review. I have added two pictures for you. Advice -- this is a great feeder but ONLY IF YOU CAN UPGRADE THE JELLY FEEDER. Note - it rained last night - the jelly in the 2 oz cups was not filled with water and the jelly was eaten by the Oriole .. we have had a pair come to the feeder. We just received this yesterday and were amazed that the jelly cups were so large that the birds could not get to it. We happened to have a couple of small dip cups that work. The feeder came with 3" tall glass cups and 3/4" length. The one we need is 1 1/2" deep and 2 3/4" high with a rim. The rim on the cup is a must. The one we put in sits on the rim - does not tower above the rim. Please see the pictures. Had we not had cups that fit, we would have sent it back. There were other reviews like mine - so just don't waste your time and money. You may have just what you need - but shouldn't it come with the right cups? I will write back in a month to let you know if the orioles come to the feeder. the picture is without the orange half as we didn't have them today. Keep in touch with this one. I liked the feeder that gave the birds a perch to get to the jelly and the rain shield that will semi protect the jelly.