Birds LOVE All Natural Garden Blend Bird Food for Parrots 2lb

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    Reviewed on January 18, 2019
    My birds are loving this mix as an accompaniment to their pellets and fresh foods. I have one bird that is a seed addict and is extremely hard to get to eat healthy and this helps in getting more fruits and veggies into him and I love that millet is very low down on the ingredient list, below the actual fruits and veggies. I do have one issue though, the main reason to try to get birds to eat more fruits and veg than seeds is the risk fatty liver disease that seed based diets cause, birds in captivity get way more fats than their bodies can process and it literally kills them, another food group aside from seeds that is even higher in fats is nuts and the first 10 ingredients listed on this package are all nuts. It even has peanuts, which some parrot owners say should not be fed to birds at all because they can carry fungi and infectious bacteria in their shells which aren't too dangerous to humans but can be to birds. I feel like this mix is more of a treat than a way to really improve a birds diet. My birds are still healthy and happy after eating it so I will continue to feed them a few teaspoons here and there but I feel like hiding some millet seeds inside a raspberry or amidst some broccoli would be a better/healthier way to entice my picky eater into eating his fruits and veg.
    Reviewed on March 30, 2021
    I run a parrot rescue and go through a LOT of different foods. This is one of my favorites for my little birds (when I can afford it). I like to buy it and use it in my lovebird & cockatiel mixes just to kick it up a notch and give the birds a little more variety. It IS quite expensive but very fresh, clean seed. Remember seed should only be a portion of your birds diet. Be sure to offer a healthy PELLET (50% if you can 75% ideal) as well as fresh chopped veggies daily.
    Reviewed on September 13, 2019
    From the get go, my two green cheeks love, lovedthis blend. I do jazz it up with nuts, dried fruits, pellets and vitamins mixed in. They love it and can't wait for the bowl to get to their cage. Then in December we rescued our Jenday and he seemed to be a picky eater, but in a few days he got in there to eat his share. I like that there are no preservatives and chemicals. It's a little more dollars, but truly worth it. I'm not for 100% pellets because out in the wild, those birds don't get pellets. Natural is seeds, greens and fruits that are all in this quality blend.
    Reviewed on June 22, 2019
    This has to be my parrot’s and cockatiel’s all time favorite food. There’s no waste with a lot of added stuff that they won’t eat. I can dispense smaller servings because they’ll eat everything. I love the the packages are air tight when they arrive.
    Reviewed on April 25, 2021
    First time trying. My Amazon is loving this food! He usually gets upset when something different is in his bowl and freaks out when fruits or veggies are introduced. I gave up years ago. This is a nice alternative. I supplement his Harrison’s with it and he’s eating nearly everything in the mix. He throws out the banana, but I can live with that, cuz the dog eats it.
    Reviewed on December 30, 2021
    My cockatiel has a major food containers (and a water containers) on both ends of his cage; I place at least three smaller ones on the bottom of his cage. The three on the bottom have changing contents daily. When he returns to his cage after it has been cleaned and restocked, he inevitably checks the containers on the floor. He's obviously hoping that he'll find 'Birds LOVE All Natural Garden Blend Bird Food for Small Birds'. If he does, he stops and eats his fill. When he doesn't find 'Birds LOVE', he usually returns to an upper perch and tries to ignore me! This is the first and only food that's completely eaten every time it's in his cage. I've never been disappointed with the seed or the delivery from Amazon. Even if you have a 'picky eater', I think this product might solve that problem!
    Reviewed on January 17, 2021
    My 25 year old Meyers has always been picky and typically won’t try anything new. Oddly, in her old age, she’s started to try different foods (moral: never give up offering foods to your parrots!). I was concerned when this arrived though as she loves to hold things when she eats and this stuff is tiny but she LOVES this. I’m replacing her seed “treat” mix with this and continuing her Harrison’s Course pellets so she has something to hold onto!
    Reviewed on July 19, 2021
    i have a parakeet, and i got her this food as her diet wasn’t the best i’ll admit that. i couldn’t get her to eat any fruits or veggies, so i went on the hunt for a better food for her! but this food is amazing!! i put it in her bowl and she instantly ran to her bowl (she never did that before) i’ll be buying tons more of this food!:)