eWonLife Bird Feeders, Bird Feeder for Outside Outdoors Hanging, Squirrel Proof, Easy Clean and Fill, Adjustable Feeder with Sturdy Wire and Roof, Plastic, for Garden, Backyard, Terrace(25 OZ/Pack)

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  • 2 Pack Small Bird Feeders: Up to 3.12 LB (2 pack) of all varieties of wild bird seeds to attract red finches, tits, house finches, birds, blue birds, warblers, starlings and more. You can hang the bird feeders for outside in different places.
  • Drain Well, Keep the Food Dry: The hanging bird feeder have some drain holes in the tray to keep the food dry. The top of feeders is wide and can cover the bottom where the seeds are so that it can protect the food well on a rainy days.
  • Easy to Clean: The wild bird feeder with a wide mouth is easy to clean and can be retracted, reducing the height of the feeder, making the bottom part easier to clean.
  • Study and Durable, Keep the Food Safe: The metal steel wire is sturdy and durable, has a strong load-bearing capacity, hang the bird feeder for outside clearance stable. The lock on the top of the feeder make the lids closed tightly, protecting the bird food from the "invasion" of wind and rain and other small animals.
  • Easy to Open and Fill: Just flick the locking, you can open the feeders and fill the food into it. You don't need to unscrew the cover like a hexagonal-shaped feeder. And the wide mouth is also make filling easier.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 23, 2023
The eWonBirdlife Feeders I bought recently are very economical and esthetically pleasing. They are also easy to fill and have a top that snaps open and shut easily. The birds love them. Unfortunately, those rascals, the squirrels, love them too. The weight of the latter caused the hanging wire end piece to come off. A friend of mine was able to make a repair, but to avoid the necessity of repair, I would suggest using another type of end piece, namely the one in the second picture that is used on a Perky-Pet bird feeder. That bird feeder has been in use for several years and hasn't had a similar problem. Making the tray of metal instead of plastic would also be beneficial because the squirrels have already started chewing on it and may well chew through it in time. These are lovely little feeders and would be just perfect with a couple of enhancements made to them. If this means raising the price a reasonable amount, I don't think that would deter people from buying them.
Reviewed on August 01, 2023
I was very skeptical when I ordered these, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got them. When you take them out of the box you just pull up on the top, twist and lock into place. The top flips open so easy to fill. I love these
Reviewed on June 29, 2023
The claim of it being squirrel proof is baloney, but that’s fine to me. I never underestimate those boogers. It takes about one full day for the birds to clean these feeders out. Overall a good little purchase for the price.
Reviewed on July 08, 2023
When you lift the lid to fill it they collapse so I ended up glueing the upper to the lower.
Reviewed on February 15, 2023
The birds actually seem to love these feeders. No adjustment time needed. And I like that they are light weight, yet have a sturdy hanging wire. Because they are relatively small, they can be hung from smaller branches, but they will most likely need to be filled everyday if you have many birds stopping by. My issue with these involves the way they are made to collapse. I'm not sure if I even see a point in that feature other than it's probably cheaper to ship. I found it hard to tell just how to click the parts into place so they would hold like the larger feeder they can be. I will think that I have them snapped into place, but then find them on the tree in the collapsed position. I've had them collapse on me when I'm just trying to fill them. By the way, although I like the way the lid snaps up to refill, it's not as easy as they claim. There is a hinge with a latch on the opposite side that's not all the easy to find. And I've had the collapsing action take place when I close the lid after filling. Happens quite often which is quite annoying since the seed that doesn't fit in the smaller compartment falls to the ground. I think it's due to the pressure I place on the lid while trying to close. The listing for these says to contact seller if one has any questions, but I can't find a place to do just that or to post a question. Again, overall, I like these and more importantly, the birds seem to like them as well. They also seem to insulate well from the rain, protecting the seed from getting wet. I've actually thought of gluing the parts in place to keep the feeders from collapsing. I think I might be missing some simple fix on these to stabilize. But I'm also missing a way to ask how to do that. Their video makes it appear easy, but i'ts not. A definite challenge.
Reviewed on June 26, 2023
Loved that we got two and that they are adjustable for size. Easy to clean and birds and squirrels both like.
Reviewed on July 29, 2023
These feeders are really easy to set up and don't have to be taken down to refill. The birds seem to really like them!, they are empty every evening.
Reviewed on June 07, 2023
It works... but when the birds feed... more of the grains fall off... removed the bottom and replaced it with a larger plate (bowl) that makes less spills when the birds feed... better than new..